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I am an American visual artist born in 1975 and live in a suburb of Little Rock, Arkansas with my wife Jennifer and our five-year-old daughter Alex.

I create paintings, photography, drawings, digital artwork, mixed-media, and art prints of the former. I ship them world-wide. Within the United States everything ships free except the largest pieces which require wooden crates. If you live within Arkansas or the Memphis metro-area I will personally deliver and install any large or fragile artwork for free.

I would love to send artwork to your home or business next!

Artist Terry Smith with painting Color Colonization, 2016. Acrylic on canvas. 40" x 60" x 1.5".

What I Do


I am a photographer with travel photography being what I’m most known for. For nearly 20 years my images have been extensively published world-wide and have sold as fine art prints to private and corporate collectors. Please note that this website is not currently a good representation of my photography. Until recently I had a dedicated photography website, and I am still moving photography to this one. More of my archives as well as new book and video projects are coming soon.


I paint in oil and acrylic and in each have several paintings in progress at all times. I also do works on paper in watercolor and/or ink. My latest painting series is called Throwing Stones. I move paint on the surface with an air compressor powering different blow guns which I use as brushes. It creates incredible effects and detail.

Digital & Mixed-media

I also create a diverse mix of mixed-media and digital art pieces. Some involve printing and applying image transfers of my photography on top of painted canvas or watercolor paper. Others involve either digitally-created artwork or artwork created through layering analog andor digital elements. I paint, draw, and photograph backgrounds, objects, abstracts, etc. purely for the purpose of layering them digitally. I will also scan and photograph details of finished paintings to re-use as elements for new artwork.

About this Website

No staff or consultants here. Just me.

I created and maintain every part of this website, so if you find a typo please tell me. Feedback and questions are welcome.

I have 3 goals with this site:

  1. To create an archive of my past work. Before I had no grouping or organization to my work other than in my photography archives. It is incomplete but a work-in-progress.
  2. It’s an online gallery of artwork available for sale.
  3. It’s a journal and scrapbook of current and past news, writings, and behind-the-scenes snapshots.