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This is a book cover of mine from last year. It’s the Spanish edition of Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell. I haven’t read this or any of his books, but it’s my understanding that they are based in the Missouri Ozarks.

If you are familiar with my work you know I photograph a lot in the Arkansas side of the Ozarks. This particular shot was actually taken in the farming Delta region of Arkansas (Northeast corner) not all that far from Missouri. It’s not actually in the Ozarks, but yeah, it’s close enough. It’s a fiction book anyway!

The blizzard in this photo was just the kind of snowy weather that I like to photograph in. A few hours before this shot there was no snow at all, then a sudden blizzard, and then all of it was gone not long after… just right for 2 or 3 hours of great photography. I took a lot of very good shots that day, but this one was in the “please, please don’t screw it up” category from the very first instant. There are some shots like that. Some you don’t realize until later how good something was. Some you pre-visualize and setup days or even weeks before, so there is never any “wow” when you construct it.  And then there are some, typically a very tiny few, when you try to keep your hands from shaking, check all corners of the frame, watch the shutter speed and don’t blur it, and continue through your mental list repeating all the while “don’t screw it up”!

Winter's Bone book cover by photographer Terry Smith
Winter’s Bone book cover by photographer Terry Smith