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Torn Heart cover image by Terry Smith Images for Danielle Steel's Betrayal novel.
Torn Heart cover image by Terry Smith for Danielle Steel’s Betrayal novel.

Two years ago one of my agencies contacted me. They had a client who wanted to license my “torn heart” image for a book cover. I’ve had covers before (smaller ones), but in this case they wanted an exclusive license for a certain period and wanted to know if it was in use anywhere else. It wasn’t. A license was issued. I collected a nice little some of money (nothing that big though) and went on my way. In these situations the agency often doesn’t  know the particular  author and book whose cover is being designed. Even if they did they normally wouldn’t bother telling you. I’ve had instances where I knew from the license terms that the book was published in another country and that I would never get to see it. However… in this case the license was for North America. A short time later another much larger license was issued. Then more later…

So I’ve been casually looking for it ever since then but without much hope of ever finding the book… until just this past week when I was googling for publication credits and quickly discovered it on a Danielle Steele cover!

The hardback was published in March of last year, and it came out in paperback in January of this year. It make me wonder how close I might have passed to it in a bookstore without ever knowing!

The rose petal was one that I plucked from a climbing rose bush that I planted myself in the backyard of my previous house. It brings up thoughts of going back to that house, to the total confusion of the current owners, and showing Ms. Rose Bush just how far one of her sweet babies went. Of course, it’s fame was after I mascaraed and mutilated it. And this wasn’t the only petal that was stolen away to undergo photographic experimentation. Also, I occasionally nearly starved Ms. Rose Bush to death on several occasions; however, despite all of that I’m sure she would be proud!

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