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This past January was the 10th anniversary of my business. I started out as an aspiring travel photographer who wanted to travel to as many countries as I could. I had a goal at that time of getting to every continent except Antarctica (too expensive) before I was 30. Well, I didn’t meet that goal. I’ve checked a few countries off the list though.

My first international trip (not including to Canada — sorry Canadians) was to Paris in 2002. I spent a week in Paris traveling alone as I did in those days. I covered a lot of photographic ground in that week! Ten years later and I’ve now been to Paris several times. Though at the detriment of checking other places off my list, I’ve always loved returning back to Paris. Each time my depth of subject matter there gets a bit deeper, and my Paris photography has been licensed many times worldwide.

Cafe Roussillon at night, Paris by TerrySmithStudios.com
Cafe Roussillon at night, Paris by TerrySmithStudios.com

My other goal, like any travel photographer, was to get my trips paid for via photography. I’m going back to Paris soon, and my business pays for my travel now. 🙂

I was looking through my license sales from my stock distributors recently. I’ve had many, many worldwide licenses so this is not a complete number, but just counting licenses for publications in specific countries, my work has appeared in 24 countries and counting. My pictures are traveling to most countries before I get there myself!

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