Catalogue Raisonné

A catalogue raisonné is a complete inventory of an artist’s work. It’s a database, but traditionally they’re published in catalog form. Creating this “reasoned catalog” usually takes researchers a few years to complete and is usually done after the artist has died. I’m not dead. For that matter, neither am I famous nor does any researcher cares about me either! However, as I started planning for this website it became clear that I would need to go through the same steps since I wanted to show newly created work for sale in context with my past work. So while I have always organized my photography, especially from my professional career where it has been essential to so, in 2014 I started documenting and photographing my artwork.

What you’ll find here is not complete but a work-in-progress! I still have many bodies of work to add and more artwork to add to every body of work listed on this site. It will remain a living, breathing catalogue during my lifetime as I will continue to add descriptions, pictures, and supplemental information on works, sometimes many years after they have been completed.

There are two things about my catalog that I believe are rather unusual based on others that I have seen.

First, there is overlap between my catalog and the “for sale” categories of this site. New artwork will be added to the catalog as it is added on this site for sale. Sold artwork will be removed from the “for sale” section but will remain in the catalogue with the exception of artwork in edition which will remain in both until the edition is sold out.

Second, I am including artwork from my childhood. I am a self-taught artist and my work has been a continual progression. There is no embarkation point at which I became a “serious artist”. (Maybe I’m not there yet?) Many of my childhood artworks have become significant parts of continuing bodies of work such as my first oil painting at the age of 5 of my grandfather’s barn which is now part of my Arkansas Farm body of work.

This catalogue is not meant to be exhaustive as I have selectively excluded some work. (Wouldn’t you?) It will also take me a few years to go through my photography archive and decide what to include. I plan to produce many books over the next decade and work will be added here as those are completed. Until then, you can visit, my image licensing website, to see more of my photography work.