About the Studios

Suburban Office & Studio

Maumelle, Arkansas, a suburb of Little Rock, is home to my office and garage studio. After my wife and I moved here I put up a wall in the garage to separate one side of it into a workshop/studio area. A few years and many home improvement projects later I finally cleared out the workshop enough to use it as dedicated studio space.

One of those projects was converting an upstairs bedroom into my office and digital editing room. Among other things I expanded the space, installed additional lighting, ran internet and video cables under the floor (and flexible piping for future cable runs), repainted, and installed a hardwood floor. I added a workbench in the closet where I clean and pack my camera gear, recharge batteries, etc. Custom shelving holds wide-format printer paper, space for my lighting bags, and other storage.

The bookcase looks like it is built-in but actually just perfectly fits the available wall space. (I did measure before buying the house though!) My dad built it for my previous office. After the office remodel was complete I designed and built my desk and credenza. The credenza holds a flatbed scanner, film scanner, and wide-format printer and has remaining room to layout prints to dry. The office is mostly complete other than some empty wall space awaiting some art. I’ve been using one wall to photograph the artwork that you see on this site.

The garage studio is still a work-in-progress. Painting in a new space is very different to me. I have been working out how I’ll work and how to arrange things. Slowly I am building out my own supports and apparatuses for painting like I’ve always done. My box of scrap lumber has found new life and constant rotation and as I prop up wet canvases among other things. I need to brighten it up both for my painting and to make photography and videography of the work easier, so I will soon be repainting most of the room white and adding another light fixture.

Lake Studio

The lake studio on Greers Ferry Lake in Arkansas is my original studio. It’s on the edge of the Ozark Mountains and surrounded by trees with a view of one of the most pristine lakes in North America a short walk below. I grew up here, on the opposite side of the road at first. My dad built that house shortly after I was born. When I was about 13 my parents sold it, bought the lot across the road, and built the house where they live today and where my studio is located in an unfinished room in the basement. It’s calm and peaceful and the temperature is perfect year-around.

With the exception of my first oil painting, all of my oils have been painted here, and I do not oil paint elsewhere. Over the past few years all of my initial experiments with inkjet image transfers onto paper and canvas were done here. The outdoors has been part of my studio as well. I’ve been photographing the surrounding Ozarks for all of my life.

Studio Visits

Art collectors and interior designers are welcome to schedule an appointment to visit me in my home. Most of the works for sale on this site can be viewed in person, and I always have finished and unfinished artwork as well as archive boxes of prints and works on paper which are not yet online. Please contact me to schedule an appointment.